tennagels at euroshop

Motion Graphics for Live Media


Conception, Motion Graphics, Video Mapping Setup

A Live Media Design for tennagels Medientechnik's booth at the Euroshop Retail Trade Fair.

During my work as a Motion Graphics Artist at LAVAlabs Moving Images, I had the pleasure to design the live media concept for tennagels Medientechnik, a renowned expert for media technology. The objective was to deliver a memorable and condensed tour d'horizon of the companies abilities and services. Especially interesting was the possibility to integrate kinetic technology into the motion design, as the booth was equipped with two movable full HD screens that could be controlled in sync with the video content of the installation and act as physical augmentation to the digital motion design.

I've chosen bright and vibrant colors together with iconographic illustrations and typography and segregated the different topics into distinct color schemes to draw attention to the booth while maintaining an interesting and diverse experience that narrated tennagels different services both in typography and animation.

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