Smart device concept and study


Conception, Product Design, UI Design, 3D Modelling, Shading and Rendering

The comcard is a product concept done for a cooperative design course with comdirect at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

Driven by the feeling that currently used debit/credit-cards don't use the full potential of already available technology, the idea was to design a smart card that was able to show information about the data stored on the card. The card would allow the owner to view his current balance, recent transactions, average spendings and other valuable information.

By uniting other card-linked accounts, the comcard was thought to replace all other chipcards by gathering all of their functionalities in one interactive device.
To be able to stay battery independent, the card would use two e-ink-displays that only draw energy when display contents are changed. Additionally, energy is induced into the card whenever it communicates with an ATM or similar device, which will ensure the cards reliability. The build-in NFC module would allow the card to make quick transactions between other comcards or smart devices.

The concept was presented to comdirect staff in December 2016.

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